Published On: Sun, Jul 20th, 2014

Can your success be your failure?


What is the first word that comes to your mind when you meet success? Is it ‘celebration’?
When you go through a nerve-wrecking phase with the goal to achieve success, the natural reaction is to savor every second of it and bask in the rain of self-praise.??The more the heat in the milk, better the taste of tea. To the degree you are subjected to heat (like a tea bag), to that degree you become desperate to taste the resultant success. That desperation to celebrate becomes the very noose that strangles your success and converts it into failure.

In the Mahabharata, Jayadrata was desperate the day Arjuna took a vow to kill him by sunset. If Arjun failed by the end of the day, he would self-immolate. All Jayadrata had to do was to keep himself concealed till sunset and success would be his, and death would be Arjuna’s. When the first hint of success peeped in with the apparent setting of the sun, Jayadrata jumped out of cover anxious to celebrate his success and express the end of his desperation. That celebration cost him his life and his head rolled off. Krsna, knowing the mindset of those who look at success as a chance to celebrate, had deceived him into thinking that the sun had set.

On the other hand when the Pandavas achieved unparalleled success by becoming the kings of the world during the Rajasuya sacrifice, they chose to receive their success with sobriety. They invited all the great sages and Krsna, wanting to serve them and invoke their blessings.

Instead of looking at success as a chance to celebrate, one should regard it as an opportunity to serve.

When we look at success as a chance to celebrate like Jayadrata, our intelligence to discriminate will roll to the ground. When we look at success as an opportunity to serve like the Pandavas, we accumulate blessings that sustain our success.


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