Published On: Fri, Aug 29th, 2014

2 lessons from the lion

Can traveling to a jungle safari or a zoo make you wiser? Yes…if you think carefully.

In a safari, the lion is free to roam, but you are captive within the confines of a vehicle. In a zoo, you are free to roam, but the lion is captive within the confines of a cage. Imagine the havoc if both were unconfined!

Now consider the mind to be like a lion, then these are the exact two ways we usually employ to deal with our mind. One is to put the mind in a box, confine it within the boundaries of electrified discipline. The other is to protect self from the whims of the mind by the impenetrable shield of good intelligence.

The day you are over-confident that your mind has become your friend and you venture out for a rendezvous with it, you had it! Never trust the gracious look of a lion and the innocent plea of the mind.

Here is another tip from the lion on relationships.

Some relationships work best when respectful distances are preserved.

Often we are faced with people whose nature is completely contradictory to ours. More often than not, we deal with such people in two ways. We either seal them in a box, thus dominating them. Or we adopt a liberal stance and set them free, thus constricting us into a box. In either cases, the ego that is boxed is howling to be let free.

Just like harmony between a lion and human is unlikely, harmony between unlike minded is unlikely. For stable relationships, we need to embrace like-minded people, rather than forcing the unlike-minded people to embrace change.  Expecting people’s natures to change to suit ours is almost like expecting the lion to dwell peacefully in a city like a human.

The best way to deal with those having contradictory nature is by maintaining respectful distances. When circumstances force you to deal with them, keep the interactions to the minimum. Just like even the most trained caretaker when he enters the cage of a lion, doesn’t hang around a while longer than needed, understanding that their natures are dissimilar. 

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