Published On: Tue, Sep 2nd, 2014

Overseas job hunt can get your fingers burned – Beware of fraudulent activities!

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A Boycott for Change

Recently, three American tech advocacy groups, Bright Future Jobs, Programmers Guild, and Washtech announced a professional labor boycott against Manpower, IBM and Infosys stemming from a pattern and practice of excluding US workers from job openings on US soil.

Excluding US workers from job openings on US soil – is this fair?

A press release announcing the boycott was released on the June 2, 2014 and was covered by 46 news channels in six countries by June 6th, confirming the belief that workers across borders sought relief from corruption and recruitment fraud. The boycott will continue until these companies demonstrate employment practices that follow Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) laws prohibiting race, gender, age and national origin discrimination. (Source: Business Standard – US tech worker groups boycott Infosys, IBM, and Manpower).”

This time around, however, the boycott was a clear indication of an intend to bridge the gap between local as well as foreign workers. It was “a call for attention”, to restore EEO.

NOSTOPS pledge by Equal Employment Opportunities for all!

Indian tech advocacy group NOSTOPS is supporting the boycott to bring attention to the entrapment of foreign workers due to labor bondage and the brokerage of their salaries, identified as a prime reason for their lowered salaries.

Significant reasons for the boycott by the guest workers:
  • America’s ‘Staffing Only’ firms, can also sponsor a work visa for a citizen from abroad. In terms of recruitment, the term ‘employer’ therefore is ambiguous and misleading for a worker in India, to whom the complexity of ‘dual employment’ overseas are largely unknown.
  • American Work Visa sponsors bind their sponsored employee via elaborate employment contracts, prohibiting them the freedom to find work elsewhere.
  • The Brokerage of Intellectual Capital drives down wages, and foreign guest workers are often underpaid. Multiple layers of broker agencies, that earn a per hour commission of their visa sponsored employee creates a grey market. A large scale grey market with invisible recruitment happening online to poach workers in India is a growing concern.
  • America’s work visas are used for temporary labor and very few sponsored guest workers gain permanent residency. No data on the H-1B work visa petitions converted to Green Card is available with the government.
  • American employers gain competitive advantage and profitability by labor arbitrage – by paying low to their sponsored workers, and bidding high to their clients. Local workers are thereby, excluded from the job market. Importing foreign workers to make them a commodity and using them as products of labor violates their human rights.
  • Experienced foreign guest workers already present in The Americas – those that need to be paid the prevailing wage at par with their gained American work experience, are replaced by fresh-off-the-boat new hires. Unemployed and benched experienced guest workers, therefore, are at alarmingly high numbers.
  •  Because of binding employment contracts by companies, employees abandon their employers upon arrival into The Americas. Companies therefore request visa petitions in large numbers and ‘bank’ visas. Approved work visa holders sitting in India looking for a job in The Americas is evident via online discussion boards.

Competition for the H1B visa is heating…

With the recent boycott to end employment discrimination via such fraudulent want ads, the competition for the H1B visa will be even more fierce as companies have already begun seeking H-1B visa applications for FY 2016. Please refer the article – Indian Hustle: How Fraudsters Prey on Would-be US Tech Workers.

How best can we restore EEO yet keeping open the doors to immigration?

By creating an open, transparent system where workers are sought by employers globally, against them being pushed by greedy Corporates from India.

Imagine, an open, transparent repository of skilled workers that are clean, verified, and void of broker fraud. Imagine a flawless transition in a bondage free employment contract with wages paid equal to or above the local wages, that are in lieu with the rule of the foreign land.

This situation can transform into reality, Join Us and be a part of the NOSTOPS.


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