Published On: Sun, May 31st, 2015

Proposed H-1B Quota Increase for FY 2016

I hope you have had the opportunity to review the Presidential Executive Order highlighting some strong points that benefit foreign guest workers already present in the United States. While there is a proposed increase to the H-1B visa quota, there have been some reliefs offered to the existing H-1 visa program, amongst them being the “workplace portability” clause that eliminates the ‘control of visa sponsor’ of its sponsored employees. Certain issues, as highlighted in our recent interview,(Visa fraud in US tech industry relies on falsified job letters) therefore becomes less threatening to guest workers.

India's First Open Registry Of Verified Workers

India’s First Open Registry Of Verified Workers

It is therefore a good time for Indian workers that seek to arrive in the US for employment and as a result we are overwhelmed with new users as well as existing member queries.

We at NOSTOPS, are now positioning ourselves to help our members get a employment and/or visa sponsorship in the United States. Since it is impossible to cater to all at the same time, we have devised our service offering in a certain structure to only a select few.

Here are the details of the enhanced membership services.

Eligibility Criteria -

- Minimum 80 percent in our Employment Suitability Assessment Tests
- Positive work history (previous employment in related field of study) verification
- Minimum 70 percent in a Bachelor’s Degree from any of the STEM fields from a recognized Indian University

Benefits -

- We conduct our own eligibility tests and your work history verification to pre qualify you
- We help you get a visa sponsor and/or a valid job offer
- We verify the client letter and the employment contract offered from your employer as per the applicable labor laws
- We offer free counseling to educate you about the possible threats from scams and visa misuse
- We offer guidance in the process of filing of your work visa as well as your visa interview

Transparency -

- We believe our initiative is aimed to bring relief both to the prospective job seeker as well as the foreign employer.
- With your permission, we will make your verified professional profile publicly available through our web site for employers to contact you direct as well

Disclaimer -

We reserve the right to reject or decline your membership application with us. Our membership service offering is a good faith effort. In any circumstance, by choosing to use any of our services, you forfeit the right to indemnify us of any liability

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Interested ? Talk to us


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