Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

Documentary Film on the H1-B Visa Abuses – And We Need Your Help!

Greetings Members,

Since 2004, NOSTOPS has been on the forefront on the debate of the abuse of the H1-B visa program. NOSTOPS has consistently been vocal about the issues faced by the foreign guest workers while serving in the United States work visas.

The idea of forming NOSTOPS was with an intention of being a platform for workers to come together and be vocal about issues that matter to them. NOSTOPS Journey of a decade – 2004 – 2014 would best explain our participation to the cause.

Today I am sharing an exciting development that I believe will help our collective voices to be heard even louder. We are putting together a documentary film with the help of an International Television Network- with a total projected viewership of 80 million viewers aired in 100+ countries. But we cannot do this without your help!

I am sharing the below with a hope that you would help us reach out to the concerned individuals as mentioned in the below email. Please read on –

“I am a producer for the show “Fault Lines,” which airs on Al Jazeera America and Al Jazeera English.
We’re considering making a film on abuses to the H-1B and other guest worker visa programs in the U.S., especially within the tech industry.

NOSTOPS’s Rajiv Dabhadkar has been most helpful in giving us wonderful background and helping to guide our reporting.

Most people in the U.S. and elsewhere don’t know much about what life is like for guest workers when they come to the States. But we understand that, for many, they encounter many hardships while trying to secure gainful employment in the U.S.—from turning up to find that a promised job doesn’t exist, to being benched without pay between projects, to having to pay back thousands of dollars when they want to switch employers, to having layers of middlemen take chunks of their wages.

As part of our proposed film, we would travel to India to try to understand why people want to come to the States, what their experiences are like when they arrive, why they might decide to return home, and what life’s like for them when they do go back.”

We’d like to hear your stories, NOSTOPS members or even others from the general public. Please email us at or

If you’d rather speak with us in private, please call us at 9022130587 or 9004224923 (whatsapp)

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