About Us

The National Organisation for Software and Technology Professiionals (NOSTOPS) began in April 2004.

The primary objective of beginning The National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals has been an idea of forming a congregation of like-minded individuals that shared a common goal – to change the perception of working class citizens from India working in The Americas. The idea was to initiate a change, and to be heard. Not come together to fight, but to be a part of a common pool of working class (local citizens as well as foreign guest-workers) and to be heard as a collective voice for an equal consumption of economic growth.

The agenda of being a collective voice was to begin with a need for change –

– to change the way foreign workers on guest worker visas are perceived by American employers…not as a commodity but as real human beings

– to stop the discrimination with respect to the Equal Employment Opportunity mandate as specified in the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of the American Constitution


– to stop citizens from abroad on the guest worker visas to be subjugated and beholden to their visa sponsoring employers, those that are serving an involuntary servitude

Focus on ‘Wage discrimination’ and ‘Equal Employment Opportunity’ have therefore been the two areas of consistent debate. Two core areas, that cuts through the cultural chasm and unites the working classes, and aim to bridge the digital divide brought about by the stringent visa policies.

The Journey of the organisation has been about participating in the process of learning and examining the globalized political and economic system that creates illegality by displacing people and then denying the guest workers (from India) their rights and equality as they have to do what they have to do in order to survive.

Facilitating the Issues Of the Knowledge Workers Rights therefore has been a constant journey since 2004. Responding to ongoing queries, helps us learn issues that hurt, which in retrospect helps us understand the underlying issues, that are communicated with the respective agencies abroad as well as domestically.

Research in knowledge worker migration issues has helped NOSTOPS communicate with the masses via it’s numerous media initiatives.

NOSTOPS has been cited by the US Homeland Security as well as the UK Border Agency. Have documented and testified in the US Congress on the guest worker visas programs misuse and abuse of guestworker rights, leading to the drafting of the first work visa bipartisan reform proposal in 2007, titled – “L1 and H-1B Work Visa and abuse prevention act of 2007”