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 Recent Press – june 2nd – June 6th
  1. US tech worker groups boycott IBM, Infosys, Manpower

    Australian Techworld - ?Jun 2, 2014?
    Rajiv Dabhadkar, the founder of the National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals, a national tech advocacy organization in India, said he supports the boycott. Indian employers show a “strong preference” for Indian IT workers, Dabhadkar …

    US workers’ groups boycott Infosys, IBM, Manpower

    Business Standard - ?Jun 3, 2014?
    According to Rajiv Dabhadkar, Director at NOSTOPS, Bright Future Jobs, Programmers’ Guild and WashTech have done extensive surveys that prove inconsistency in jobs advertised. The boycott comes not long after India’s second largest information …

    US tech worker groups boycott Infosys, IBM, Manpower

    Business Standard - ?Jun 2, 2014?
    “Indian employers exhibit a strong preference for local talent for jobs in India–why don’t companies in the US do the same? This will protect the Indian foreign workers from the accusation of displacing Americans,” said Rajiv Dabhadkar, director of NOSTOPS.

    US tech worker groups boycott Infy, IBM and Manpower

    The Hindu - ?Jun 3, 2014?
    Nostop member Rajiv Dabhadkar told this correspondent that “allowing American citizens, the right to a job first, therefore, will protect the Indian foreign workers from the accusati

  2. Indian Hustle: How Fraudsters Prey on Would-be US Tech Workers
  3. US court dismisses Palmer’s harassment suit against Infosys
  4. Looking for work? Here’s a job fair touting tech openings in India
  5. Misuse of US visas may be widespread
  6. Cover story – Business week – America’s High-Tech Sweatshops
  7. Want a Job Overseas ? Beware of Fraud
  8. Indian techies in US plan for sick-in strike
  9. Managed Labor or Human Rights?
  10. The Pitfalls of Using Immigration as a Labor Supply System for Employers
  11. will vet resumes for fraud
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