Our Journey

With an objective of empowering the knowledge workers and to identify gaps in information, We have worked on topics to bring awareness to the issues leading to the digital divide between the working classes in The Americas. Focussing on the core issues of Wage discrimination and abuse of guestworker rights has been a consistent topic of conversation. Below is a brief journey since it’s inception in 2004 – (Most relevant links updated).


  • NOSTOPS founded in April of 2004.
  • Joined forces with Rediff and started the American work visa related open Q& A series that continued to operate till 2007:
  • When to apply for US work visas: NOW
  • /2007/mar/08visa.htm
  • Questions to ask your H-1B visa sponsor
  • /2007/dec/12abr1.htm
  • Want to settle in the US?
  • Answered queries from ‘stranded’ individuals and victims of abuse (employer issues, immigration / visa issues.
  • Published book “American Work Permit – Official Rules & Regulations of American work visas” Liaison with Department of Labor, and Department of Justice Officials to provide evidence of visa misuse.
  • Testified against work visa program abuse and met with the Senator’s and policy makers at Capitol Hill, Washington DC to show evidence of how there was large-scale recruitment fraud.
  • Initiated regular updates on the website ( ) about fraudulent activities to alert Indian workers seeking foreign employment.

Whistleblower activities

  • Collected employment contracts from existing & new members to verify labor law compliance, Vetted these employment offers & employment contracts for labor/immigration law compliance, Identified fraudulent terms and conditions, Reported these violations with the DOL and DOJ officials.
  • Outcome of whistleblower activities: – Conviction, arrest and foreclosure of bogus shell companies.


  • Joined hands with Bright Future Jobs as an American lobbying partner to end the xenophobic anti-guest worker sentiments.
  • Brought the concept of ‘dual employment‚ in focus
  • Provided evidence of worker abuse
  • Recieved media coverage on, ‘The H-1B Equation,’ in the Computer World Magazine in Washington DC:





  • Commissioned a ‘Migration Studies’ program in partnership with a leading Law School at Pune, India.
  • Monitored online job posts seeking H-1B applicants only bypassing local talent as well as existing unemployed H-1B workers. Found out that American employers were posting job ads in Indian career portals targeting Indian workers, excluding American workers as well as the benched existing H-1b visa holders present in America to even apply for these jobs in America.
  • Documented and communicated the findings with American tech worker partner organizations and a series of media stories were commissioned to bring awareness to these issues of bypassing local talent and creating segregation of workers both foreign guest workers as well as local citizens.
  • Media coverage:
  • Rediff – Want a job Overseas? Beware Of Fraud –


  • Worked with the State Dept & Homeland Agency Officials to monitor and report fraudulent activities on job portals.
  • Huffington Post – Going Political, not Postal ––-not-pos_b_511585.html
  • Explained to the work visa policy stakeholders that include legislative aides of senators and other subject matter experts on migration policy and the State dept officials at DHS and DOJ as well as to the journalists and reports, the ease in sponsoring and pushing fraudulent workers from India using the H1B and L1 visa programs.



  • Monitored fraudulent online job postings by American employers targeting Indian job seekers on Indian job boards and excluding American workers and the benched existing H-1b visa holders present in America.
  • Communicated the findings with American tech worker partner organizations and a series of media stories were commissioned to bring awareness to these issues of bypassing local talent and creating segregation of workers both foreign guest workers as well as local citizens.




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