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People movement across borders is a constantly evolving phenomenon. Frequent policy outcomes of nations, therefore are forthcoming and constantly evolving.  Accommodating to the fast paced globalization needs therefore becomes important for organizations that supply foreign talent.

Even though most of the labor and immigration policies of nations that depend on foreign talent have been beneficial to India’s knowledge workers, there have been a few grey areas of concern surrounding foreign migrant workers from India – bringing focus on the employers that hire them!

NOSTOPS has actively pursued the issues of Indian knowledge workers for more than a decade. (See NOSTOPS Timeline – Journey of a decade), and has been vocal about their issues (See – Media link)

NOSTOPS has led many media initiatives over the decade, with the help of the feedback received from its members. The recent press initiative (October 26th, 2014) highlights a few of the grey areas of concern in the overseas labor recruitment. (See Job brokers steal wages and entrap Indian tech workers in US )

Besides speaking with the media to communicate and build awareness to the issues faced by Indian workers working overseas, NOSTOPS also conducts speaking engagements and employee seminars with partner organizations to perform an effective knowledge transfer of the issues that hurt Indian worker employees.

A few of the topics covered in these speaking engagements have been –

  • Outsourcing of Jobs versus Outsourcing of visas
  • Misuse of Visas – What it really means?
  • Understanding the manipulation of the prevailing wage rate Information
  • Fraud Compliance and The ‘Visa Abuse & Fraud Prevention Act’
  • Understanding document fraud. Resume fudging – Who does it hurt most?
  • The Neufield Memo – What is it? How does it affect your organizations people movement?
  • How to increase visa approvals of your employees
  • Finding the right staffing vendor overseas
  • Employee Contracts – Are they necessary?
  • Job poaching versus Job attrition
  • Audience Q & A session
  • Individual Specific issues one –on-one Counseling

If you believe your organization could benefit by partnering with us to speak with your employees, please do connect up.

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