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NOSTOPS caters what the industry needs..


I've known Rajiv for quite sometime now and NOSTOPS is a great initiative by him. When the foreign education dreams and the service industry, especially the IT industry is being crippled by fraudulent scamsters, NOSTOPS caters what the industry needs.. verified professionals and verified employers.. Rajiv truly understands the necessity of such an initiative and I wish him & NOSTOPS luck.. May NOSTOPS also collaborate with universities to offer guidance to prospective students

Hari Amravadi
SKF Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Got an Ultimate Opportunity in the US


I was surprised to know of the US immigration laws in 2006, when not many knew about it. The experience has been fascinating. The interesting part while working with NOSTOPS is the openness (transparency) and the ready to help anytime nature, which greatly helped during the immigration process. The in-depth knowledge received has been truly helpful during the immigration process specially for the H1B. I received various options and suggestions, be it from choosing the right emloyer upto the salary/medical insurance recommendations.

I have already got a ultimate opportunity in US under the guidance/suggestions

Shakil Ansari

Sound advice. Great Teamwork


I have been a NOSTOPS member in 2006. The advice received introduced me to he whole new world of recruitment in  US, even while in India and helped me prepare myself in advance. Thanks for NOSTOPS, I have arrived in Dallas in 2007 and working since.

Dipti Khatuja
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